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Not just an average building...

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

As the scaffold slowly starts to peel off the highest points of the clock tower, we're quickly reminded of the familiar sight that's graced the Aireborough region for 140 years.

The 50M clock tower is the pinnacle of the incredible design of William Hill, which looks stunning after its fresh pointing, clean, and new tower roof. The new clock faces are still hidden, for now, but we'll soon see those reappear as well.

One thing that I'm always amazed at, is the sheer scale of building. The downstairs ceiling heights are 5.2M (16feet, 4 inch) whilst the main auditorium is 9M from floor to ceiling.

The incredible scale and height gives the building a fantastic presence. Practically though, it means we have to use a 4M hoover pole and scaffold tower just to clean the downstairs windows!

The building is a true testament to the vision of the people of Yeadon who worked together to fund this magnificent Town Hall 140 years ago and here's to another 140 years.

The pictures below show a new door being fitted at the rear of the building, the scaffold being stripped away from the top of the tower, the Wharfedale room being cleaned after decoration and the Town Hall, circa 1890.

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