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We got a new dressing room for Christmas!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We knew from day one that dressing room space at Yeadon Town Hall would be limited. Victorians never thought that we'd be using the building as a theatre! The building was designed as a concert hall and a place for civic events. However, over the years, various rooms have now dedicated themselves to become dressing rooms.

We now have four dedicated dressing rooms, immediately backstage. We also have further space on the ground floor for additional space as and when required.

Late in 2019, we created an additional dressing room out of a disused space at the back of the building. This is a fantastic new addition, and is suitable for up to six people to use. The doorway was already there, just hidden away, so we were able to easily re-open this.

Here are some pictures of the process involved.

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